Strategic plans in prosthetic dentistry

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This article is a general overview of the symposium titled "Strategic Plan in Prosthetic Dentistry", which was held on October 1-2, 2005 at Niigata Convention Center. In this article, outlooks of the future in the research, education, and clinics of prosthetic dentistry, and strategic plans in the prosthetic dentistry are delivered. Prosthetic Dentistry involves the research works on the morphology and functions restored with the dental prostheses. It also involves the researches on the biological reactions at the interface between the host tissues and dental prostheses, which include the biomaterial research, the biological reactions induced by mechanical stresses, and so on. As strategic plans for the development of prosthetic dentistry, the fundamental plan and the creative plans are proposed. The former indicate establishing the biological bases of the prosthetic dentistry, like as the biological reactions induced by mechanical stresses, and establishing the evidences of clinical outcomes for EDM. To obtain the scientific evidence, the criteria of objective estimations should be conducted. The later indicate the development and introduction of novel techniques and materials based upon the multidisciplinary alignment.

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