Stiffness analysis and design of a compact modified Delta parallel mechanism

Woo Keun Yoon, Takashi Suehiro, Yuichi Tsumaki, Masaru Uchiyama

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    In our previous work, we developed a compact 6-DOF haptic interface as a master device which achieved an effective manual teleoperation. The haptic interface contains a modified Delta parallel-link positioning mechanism. Parallel mechanisms are usually characterized by a high stiffness, which, however, is reduced by elastic deformations of both parts and bearings. Therefore, to design such a parallel mechanism, we should analyze its structural stiffness, including elastic deformations of both parts and bearings. Then we propose a simple method to analyze structural stiffness in a parallel mechanism using bearings. Our method is based on standard concepts such as static elastic deformations. However, the important aspect of our method is the manner in which we combine these concepts and how we obtain the value of the elasticity coefficient of a rotation axis in a bearing. Finally, we design a modified Delta mechanism, with a well-balanced stiffness, based on our method of stiffness analysis.

    Original languageEnglish
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    Issue number4
    Publication statusPublished - 2004 Jul 1


    • Bearing
    • Design
    • Modified Delta mechanism
    • Parallel mechanism
    • Stiffness analysis

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