Soy sterols

Ikuo Ikeda

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Soybean oil contains about 300 to 400 mg of plant sterols per 100 g (Table 11.1). Major components of soy sterols are sitosterol (53 to 56%), campesterol (20 to 23%), and stigmasterol (17 to 21%). The chemical structures of these sterols are shown in Figure 11.1. The chemical structures of plant sterols resemble those of cholesterol but differ in the side chain. Sitosterol has an ethyl group and campesterol has a methyl group at the 24 position of cholesterol. Stigmasterol has a double bond at the 22-23 position of sitosterol. Plant stanols, in which a double bond at the 5-6 positions in the steroid ring of plant sterols is saturated, are also contained in soybean oil in trace amounts. A typical plant stanol, sitostanol, is shown in Figure 11.1.

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