Small cell lung cancer and progressive retinopathy

Mami Morita, Tatsuro Fukuhara, Hidetoshi Takahashi, Makoto Maemondo

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Cancer-associated retinopathy (CAR) is one of the paraneoplastic neurological syndromes and characterised by retinal degeneration. Autoimmunity between cancer cells and retinal proteins is considered a major cause of CAR. The presence of serum autoantibodies to retinal antigens plays an important role in the diagnosis. A 60-year-old man reporting of visual disturbance and paresthaesia of extremities presented to our hospital. CT scan revealed a massive tumour in the left lower lobe of the lung. Small cell lung cancer was diagnosed histologically with bronchoscopy. Ophthalmological examination showed retinopathy but not optic neuritis. Anti-CV2/collapsin response mediator protein (CRMP)-5 and anti-Hu antibodies were detected by further serum examination. It has been reported that anti-CV2/CRMP5 antibodies are present in patients with neoplasms accompanied by retinopathy as well as optic neuritis. This is the first case of CAR with presence of anti-CV2/CRMP5 antibodies without neuritis.

Original languageEnglish
JournalBMJ case reports
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Nov 24

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