Simultaneous visualization of pH and Cl- distributions inside the crevice of stainless steel

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A sensing plate for the simultaneous measurements of pH and Cl- concentration was fabricated. Terbium-dipicolinic acid complex (Tb-DPA) and quinine sulphate were used to measure the pH and Cl- concentration, respectively. In the incubation period of the crevice corrosion, the pH inside the crevice gradually decreased from 3.0 to ca. 2.0, and the Cl- concentration increases from 0.01 to ca. 0.18 M. The generation of the micro-pit led to a sharp decrease in pH to below 0.5 and an increase in the Cl- concentration to above 4 M. This situation allowed the crevice corrosion to proceed without spontaneously stopping.

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JournalCorrosion Science
Publication statusPublished - 2016 May 1


  • A. Stainless steel
  • B. Potentiostatic
  • C. Crevice corrosion

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