Sharp inequalities for logarithmic coefficients and their applications


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I. M. Milin proposed, in his 1971 paper, a system of inequalities for the log-arithmic coefficients of normalized univalent functions on the unit disk of the complex plane. This is known as the Lebedev-Milin conjecture and implies the Robertson conjecture which in turn implies the Bieberbach conjecture. In 1984, Louis de Branges settled the long-standing Bieberbach conjecture by showing the Lebedev-Milin conjecture. Recently, O. Roth proved an interesting sharp inequality for the logarithmic coefficients based on the proof by de Branges. In this paper, following Roth's ideas, we will show more general sharp inequalities with convex sequences as weight functions and then establish several consequences of them. We also consider the inequality with the help of de Branges system of linear ODE for non-convex sequences where the proof is partly assisted by computer. Also, we apply some of those inequalities to improve previously known results.

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Publication statusPublished - 2019 Mar 24


  • De Branges theorem
  • Logarithmic coefficient
  • Milin conjecture

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