[Self and other--a new framework for social brain science].

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This paper provides an overview of recent neuroimaging studies performed to understand the brain mechanisms underlying our ability to socially interact with others and proposes a model of the self-other concept as a new framework for research. Theory of mind (ToM) and the mirror system are the 2 major concepts on which research on social-perception mechanisms is based. Our proposed model incorporates these 2 concepts as well as the mechanisms controlling social behavior. In this model,a dynamic internal schema of the self-other relationship,which represents prediction of inputs as a consequence of outputs,is assumed for 3 layers of the social cognitive process,which are organized in order of development. The first layer,i. e.,the physical layer,features a schema of sensory feedback consequential to one's own motor action and is accommodated by the network of the right supramarginal,inferior frontal gyri,and bilateral sensory and motor association cortices. This layer first deals with one's own body and later handles physical interactions between the self and other,eventually derives the mirror system. The interpersonal layer is involved with the schema of feedback from social reactions to one's own social behavior and is housed by the network of the temporoparietal junction,temporal pole,and dorsomedial prefrontal cortex. This layer provides the ToM ability and a reference for one's own socio behavioral control. Finally,in the social-value layer,the schema of one's own social values in specific social contexts is assumed. This layer is responsible for behavioral control based on social values and is probably supported by the network of the ventromedial prefrontal and posterior cingulate cortices. The hierarchical layer structure and dynamic characteristics of the schema seem to provide unique advantages to the model with respect to clinical and engineering applications.

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