Selective CVD of germanium on silicon and its applications

A. Kohlhase, M. L. Cheng, S. Kobayashi, J. Murota, N. Mikoshiba

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In this paper results are presented which, for the first time, demonstrate the use of Ge as a via hole filling material in Si technology. Low-temperature LPCVD of germanium using high-purity reactive, carrier and purge gases is found to be highly Si/SiO2 selective with the ability to produce heteroepitaxial films. These features are utilized to fill up contact holes with germanium, achieving a high degree of planarization. Connected to an aluminum metallization through a poly-Si layer, which is deposited in situ right after the germanium, the resistivities of such connections containing Ge plugs are tested in Kelvin structures on P-doped and B-doped single crystal Si as well as on P-doped poly-Si. The results show that the resistance values depend strongly on the doping of the Ge bulk. For annealing temperatures between 800°C and 850°C, however, contact resistivities comparable to poly-Si can be obtained. Furthermore the selectivity deposited Ge plugs are tested with respect to their gettering and diffusion source capabilities in Ge-contacted Si diodes. Good quality p-n junctions can be produced. All results show comparability with conventional Si technology and reveal new applications for Ge CVD in low-temperature VLSI processing.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)269-272
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Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1991

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