Robust aerial deployment of mars airplane with tilted folding-axis

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A folding wing is an effective deployment mechanism for the airplane that is used for Mars exploration. A spring loaded hinge is considered as a deployment actuator for Mars airplane in Japan. A hinge torque is one of the primitive design variables to control the aerial deployment behavior. The required hinge torque for deployment is directly concerned with the deployment mechanism mass. Since the Mars airplane requires thorough mass reduction, it is necessary to reduce the required hinge torque while keeping high robustness for the aerial deployment. This paper investigates the robustness of the aerial deployment behavior especially focused on the effect of the hinge axis tilting. The hinge axis of the non- tilted hinge axis design is defined to be parallel to the X-axis of the center body coordinates. The conditions to judge whether the deployment succeeded or failed are defined for the state of the airplane. The margins of the airplane state for the conditions are set to the evaluation functions of the safety. The robustness of the safety is evaluated using the sigma level where the sigma level is a function of the average and standard deviation of the evaluation functions. For the robustness evaluation, this study deals with four dispersive parameters: drop velocity, surrounding gust velocity, initial pitch angle, and height. The robustness of several tilted and non-tilted hinge axis designs are calculated and then compared. The result clearly shows that the tilted hinge axis design can deploy with lower torque than the torque of the non-tilted hinge axis design. The motions of the individual cases are then studied to reveal the effect of the hinge axis tilting. It is clarified that the tilted hinge axis design is able to set the angle of attack of the outer wing positive under the wide range of conditions. Therefore, the aerodynamic force assists the deployment. In the appropriate condition, the wings deploy without torque of the deployment actuator.

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