Relevance of Solidification Kinetics for Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance in Al-Doped Higher Manganese Silicides

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The solidification kinetics of an alloy from its liquid state forms an underlying basis for microstructural engineering, wherein the state of thermodynamic equilibrium associated with the melt-grown crystal and the quenched amorphous solid denotes the two limits for crystallinity in the alloy synthesis. In this study, we report the implication of the crystalline state on the thermal and electrical transport properties of partially substituted Mn(Si1-xAlx)γby comparing the single crystals melt-grown by the Bridgman method, and polycrystals synthesized from melt spinning (MS) and subsequent spark plasma sintering (SPS). The rapidly solidified alloys exhibited nanocrystalline microstructures in MS ribbons, while melt-grown single crystals displayed characteristics evolution of MnSi striations with limited solubility of Al. It was observed that Al as a p-type dopant enhances the carrier concentration and electrical conductivity, while nanocrystallinity in MS + SPS polycrystals and secondary phases in monocrystals were effective in enhancing the phonon scattering. Maximum zT values of ∼0.54 (±0.05) at 823 K and 0.75 (±0.05) at 873 K were attained for the single crystal (directed perpendicular to the c-axis) and melt-spun polycrystals (along the in-plane direction), respectively. These results present the efficacy of aliovalent Al substitution and demonstrate the critical role of the solidification kinetics in optimizing the carrier concentration and enhancing the phonon scattering in higher manganese silicide crystals for thermoelectric applications.

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Pages (from-to)51983-51993
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JournalACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Issue number46
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Nov 23


  • Bridgman method
  • higher manganese silicide
  • melt spinning
  • sintering
  • thermoelectrics

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