Rearrangements of T-cell antigen receptor δ chain gene in hematologic neoplasms

N. Asou, T. Hattori, M. Matsuoka, F. Kawano, K. Takatsuku

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Rearrangements of the T-cell antigen receptor (TCR) δ chain gene were studied in primary neoplastic cells from 137 patients with leukemia or lymphoma. TCR δ gene rearrangements or deletions were observed in all 50 T-cell neoplasms; 5 to 8 CD3- T-cell neoplasms showed rearrangements, whereas biallelic deletion of TCR δ gene was the most common pattern in CD3+ T-cell neoplasm (39 of 42 patients). Rearrangements of TCR δ gene were also detected in 23 of 40 immature B-cell leukemias, including 22 of 25 patients with rearrangements of TCR γ gene, 2 of 17 mature B-cell neoplasms, and 3 of 30 myeloid leukemias. Thus, TCR δ gene rearrangement or deletion is always found in T-cell neoplasms and is frequently found in immature B-cell leukemias associated with TCR γ gene rearrangement. Furthermore, TCR δ gene rearrangements associated with the germline configuration of the TCR β, γ, and immunoglobulin heavy chain genes were observed in two immature T-cell leukemias, suggesting that TCR δ and β gene rearrangements. These results indicate that an analysis of TCR δ gene rearrangement provides potential tools to establish the clonality of immature T-cell neoplasms and to identify the normal stages of lymphocyte differentiation.

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Publication statusPublished - 1989

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