Real-time observation of phase-controlled vibrational wave-packets in iodine molecules

Yukinori Sato, Hisashi Chiba, Masahiro Honda, Yusuke Hagihara, Katsuhiro Fujiwara, Kenji Ohmori, Kiyoshi Ueda

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A double-pulse sequence of femtosecond laser pulse (100 fs, 616 nm) is used to pump and control the vibrational wave packet on the B state of the molecular iodine. The inter-pulse-delay (control delay) is tuned with about 10 attoseconds accuracy. Time evolution of the wave packet is monitored by a probe pulse (100 fs, 389 nm). The pump and control evolution of the B state wave packet is monitored in real time for the control delay tuned around the second recurrence time of the wave packet.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)526-528
Number of pages3
JournalSpringer Series in Chemical Physics
Publication statusPublished - 2004 Dec 1

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  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry


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