Raman spectro-electrochemistry of LiCoxMn2-xO 4 thin film electrodes for 5 V lithium batteries

Kaoru Dokko, Naomi Anzue, Mohamed Mohamedi, Takashi Itoh, Isamu Uchida

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Raman spectra of thin films of LiCoxMn2-xO 4 (0<x<1) were recorded in a mixture of ethylene carbonate and dimethyl carbonate (1:1 by volume) containing 1 M LiBF4 at electrode potentials of 3.5-5.5 V. The thin film electrodes were fabricated on gold substrates by electrostatic spray deposition (ESD). The in situ Raman spectra exhibited changes correlatable with the crystallographic structure and oxidation state of manganese and cobalt. The spectral changes were reversible by changing the electrode potential, indicating that lithium ion extraction and insertion proceeds in a reversible manner.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)384-388
Number of pages5
JournalElectrochemistry Communications
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2004 Apr


  • 5 V Lithium batteries
  • In situ Raman spectroscopy
  • Lithium manganese oxide
  • Thin film electrode

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  • Electrochemistry


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