Raceway design for the innovative blast furnace

Hiroshi Nogami, Hideyuki Yamaoka, Kouji Takatani

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This study tries to design the combustion zone in the highly efficient blast furnace for aiming at great reduction of energy consumption and environmental loads by use of raceway mathematical model. The model treats strictly the discontinuous movement of lump coke particles inside and around raceway, and it considers heat exchange with gas and chemical reactions with gas. In this study, first, the verification of the model is performed. Next, the controllability of raceway by blast conditions is investigated. Finally, the raceway in the top gas recycling process is evaluated in terms of the suitability as combustion zone of the novel blast furnace and of the possibility of its realization. The gas recycling process has the characteristic of blowing top gas without CO2, pure oxygen and plastics from tuyere. The results obtained in this work are as follows. 1) Raceway mathematical model has the sufficient ability to represent the characteristics of raceway in all cokes operation and PCI operation. 2) The shape and size of raceway and gas temperature in raceway can be controlled by blast temperature and gas compositions. In addition, nitrogen enrichment in blast is effective to form the uniform and low temperature combustion zone. Raceway in top gas recycling process becomes larger, gas temperature in and around raceway is lower and volumetric flow rate of bosh gas is less than conventional process. Therefore, raceway conditions in the recycling process enable high productivity and high efficiency.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2150-2158
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JournalIsij International
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2004 Jan 1
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  • Blast furnace
  • Discrete Element Method (DEM)
  • Mathematical model
  • Nitrogen enrichment
  • Raceway
  • Top gas recycling process

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