Preparation of mesoscopic patterns of nanoparticles by self-organization

Tetsuro Sawadaishi, Masatsugu Shimomura

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    Two-dimensional regular patterns consisting of ultra-fine particles were formed on honeycomb-patterned polymer film. Ultra-thin polymer films were prepared by simple casting of diluted amphiphilic polymer solution onto solid substrate. In the cast film, honeycomb patterns were observed as a result of evaporative cooling in the casting solution. Ultra-fine particles were introduced into the hole of honeycomb-patterned films by simple casting or dip-coating of aqueous ultra-fine particles dispersion. Densely packed ultra-fine particles were observed in only the hole of honeycomb pattern but not on the limb. The patterns of ultra-fine particles were expected to be the novel functional optical materials containing photonic crystals.


    • Dissipative structure
    • Mesoscopic pattern
    • Photonic crystal
    • Self-organization
    • Ultra-fine particles

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    • Condensed Matter Physics


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