Pollen‐mediated Gene Flow in a Population of Cynanchum grandifolium var. nikoense (Asclepiadaceae)


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Abstract Inter‐ and intrapopulation pollen‐mediated gene flow was estimated in a population of Cynanchum grandifolium var. nikoense by paternity analysis of all the seeds set in 1990. By the simple exclusion procedure, the rate of genes migrating by pollen into this population was estimated to be 0.083; this value is lower than that estimated in most previous studies. Frequency distributions of intrapopulation pollen‐mediated gene flow distances estimated by different methods of paternity analysis were platykurtic, and the estimated distances of realized gene flow were smaller than the interplant distance.

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JournalPlant Species Biology
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Publication statusPublished - 1993 Jun
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  • Cynanchum grandifolium var. nikoense
  • paternity analysis
  • platykurtic pattern
  • pollen‐mediated gene flow

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