Photoluminescence properties of the magnetoplumbite-type BaMg6Ti6O19:Mn4+ and spinel-type Mg2TiO4:Mn4+

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Mn4+-doped magnetoplumbite-type BaMg6Ti6O19 and spinel-type Mg2TiO4 red phosphors were synthesized by a solid-state reaction. BaMg6Ti6O19:Mn4+ and Mg2TiO4:Mn4+ were formed as main and single phase above 1200 ºC, respectively. Although the emission peak of BaMg6Ti6O19:Mn4+ and Mg2TiO4:Mn4+ were almost the same, the excitation peak of BaMg6Ti6O19:Mn4+ and Mg2TiO4:Mn4+ were different. The4A24T1 spin-allowed transition peak of Mg2TiO4:Mn4+ shifted to a shorter wavelength side than that of BaMg6Ti6O19:Mn4+ and 4A2→4T2 transition shifted to a longer wavelength side. The crystal field splitting energy of Mg2TiO4:Mn4+ was lower than that of BaMg6Ti6O19:Mn4+. By the additional of R block, the racah parameter B increased and C decreased. Although the increase of B causes a blue-shift of the emission wavelength and the decrease of C causes a red-shift of the emission wavelength, PL emission wavelength was little different due to the influence of both racah parameter. Thus, it was suggested that the existence of R block results in a difference of photoluminescence properties.

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Event17th International Symposium on Eco-Materials Processing and Design, ISEPD 2016 - Haikou, China
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Other17th International Symposium on Eco-Materials Processing and Design, ISEPD 2016


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