Photo detection characteristics of Si/Si1-xGex/Si p-i-n diodes integrated with optical waveguides

Atsushi Yamada, Masao Sakuraba, Junichi Murota

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Integration of Si/Si1-xGex/Si and Si p-i-n diodes with Si nitride optical waveguide on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates has been achieved. For light emission from Si p-i-n diode, photo current of Si/Si1-xGex/Si p-i-n diode is larger than that of Si p-i-n diode, and increases with increasing Si1-xGex layer thickness and Ge fraction. From the relationship between photo current and effective electroluminescence intensity, it is suggested that the enhancement of photo current due to the Si1-xGex layer is caused not only by the narrowing of bandgap but also by the increase of photoelectric conversion efficiency.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)399-401
Number of pages3
JournalThin Solid Films
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - 2006 Jun 5


  • Germanium
  • Light-Emitting-Diode
  • Optoelectronic devices
  • Photo detector
  • Silicon

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