Phosphorus foraging root development of Brassica rapa nothovar. grown in a phosphorus-deficient nonallophanic Andisol

Masami Nanzyo, Nobuko Wada, Hitoshi Kanno

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    Lateral root of Brassica crops firmly aggregated around Ca-alginate gel beads containing dicalcium phosphate dihydrate and α-cyclodextrin (DCPD gel bead) in a phosphate (P)-deficient soil (Nanzyo et al., 2002, Soil Sci. Plant Nutr. 48, 847-853). The first aim of the present study was to identify the component in the DCPD gel beads that accounts for the special root proliferation. This P-foraging root growth was observed in plots applied with either polyolefin-coated NH4H2PO4 (POC-MAP) or DCPD powder instead of the DCPD gel beads. The POC-MAP neither contains Ca, alginate nor α-cyclodextrin. The DCPD powder was applied in a similar number of spots with the number of DCPD gel beads. Thus, the essential component in the DCPD gel beads for the P-foraging root growth around them was P. The second aim was to examine the effect of various inorganic P sources on the P uptake of B. rapa nothovar. While significant P uptake was obtained in the plot applied with apatite from Florida, USA, sediment origin (F-Ap), almost no P uptake was obtained in that with apatite from Quebec, Canada, igneous origin in the P-deficient nonallophanic Andisol. Hence, a P-release level from F-Ap was near the lower limit for the P uptake by the B. rapa nothovar. under the present experimental conditions. These results indicate the P foraging characteristics of the Brassica roots contribute to improve the P recovery rate in the agricultural fields with localized application of moderately-soluble P fertilizers.

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    JournalPlant and Soil
    Issue number1-2
    Publication statusPublished - 2004 Aug


    • Andisol
    • Brassica
    • Foraging
    • Phosphate
    • Root development

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