Persistent expression of an unproductive immunoglobulin heavy chain allele with DH-JH-γ configuration in peripheral tissues

Masao Ono, Masato Nose

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Genomic recombination events, including VDJ recombination (VDJR) and class-switch recombination (CSR), are indispensable for the adaptation and progression of the acquired immune system. These processes are completed by orderly, temporal onsets of the gene rearrangements along with B-cell differentiation. The presence of various premature transcripts of immunoglobulin heavy chain (IgH) alleles has been demonstrated during B-cell ontogeny. These include DH-JH (DJ)-μ, JH-μ, and sterile transcripts of CH. Since these transcripts can be detected during the onset of VDJR and CSR, their presence is believed to reflect a structural change in the genome, favoring VDJR and CSR. This report presents evidence of persistent DJ transcription and onset of CSR on an unproductive IgH allele in peripheral tissues. Nucleotide sequence analysis revealed that these transcripts showed DJ-γ (Dγ) configuration and that characteristics of the variable region were essentially the same as those of the DJ-μ transcript previously described. It was noted that the small intestine abundantly expresses Dγ transcripts with γ2b and γ1 isotypes of the IgH constant region. The present findings indicate the onset of CSR preceding VH to DJ joining in an unproductive IgH allele of the peripheral B cell and the specificity for the gut-associated condition for B-cell differentiation in the small intestine.

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Publication statusPublished - 2007 Dec


  • B cell
  • Class switching
  • DJ transcript
  • Immunoglobulin
  • VDJ rearrangement

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