Particle production in central Pb+Pb collisions at 158[Formula Presented] GeV/[Formula Presented]

I. G. Bearden, H. Bøggild, J. Boissevain, P. H.L. Christiansen, L. Conin, J. Dodd, B. Erazmus, S. Esumi, C. W. Fabjan, D. Ferenc, D. E. Fields, A. Franz, J. J. Gaardhøje, M. Hamelin, A. G. Hansen, O. Hansen, D. Hardtke, H. van Hecke, E. B. Holzer, T. J. HumanicP. Hummel, B. V. Jacak, K. Kaimi, M. Kaneta, T. Kohama, M. Kopytine, M. Leltchouk, A. Ljubic̆ić, B. Lörstad, N. Maeda, R. Malina, L. Martin, A. Medvedev, M. Murray, Hiroaki Ohnishi, G. Paic, S. U. Pandey, F. Piuz, J. Pluta, V. Polychronakos, M. Potekhin, G. Poulard, D. Reichhold, A. Sakaguchi, J. Schmidt-Sørensen, J. Simon-Gillo, W. Sondheim, M. Spegel, T. Sugitate, J. P. Sullivan, Y. Sumi, W. J. Willis, K. L. Wolf, N. Xu, D. S. Zachary

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The NA44 experiment has measured single-particle inclusive spectra for charged pions, kaons, and protons as a function of transverse mass near midrapidity in [Formula Presented] Pb+Pb collisions. From the particle mass dependence of the observed [Formula Presented] distributions, we are able to deduce a value of about 120 MeV for the temperature at thermal freeze-out. From the observed ratios of the rapidity densities, we find values of the chemical potentials for light and strange quarks and a chemical freeze-out temperature of approximately 140 MeV.

Original languageEnglish
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2002
Externally publishedYes

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