Pairing Forces Govern Population of Doubly Magic Ca 54 from Direct Reactions

F. Browne, S. Chen, P. Doornenbal, A. Obertelli, K. Ogata, Y. Utsuno, K. Yoshida, N. L. Achouri, H. Baba, D. Calvet, F. Château, N. Chiga, A. Corsi, M. L. Cortés, A. Delbart, J. M. Gheller, A. Giganon, A. Gillibert, C. Hilaire, T. IsobeT. Kobayashi, Y. Kubota, V. Lapoux, H. N. Liu, T. Motobayashi, I. Murray, H. Otsu, V. Panin, N. Paul, W. Rodriguez, H. Sakurai, M. Sasano, D. Steppenbeck, L. Stuhl, Y. L. Sun, Y. Togano, T. Uesaka, K. Wimmer, K. Yoneda, O. Aktas, T. Aumann, K. Boretzky, C. Caesar, L. X. Chung, F. Flavigny, S. Franchoo, I. Gasparic, R. B. Gerst, J. Gibelin, K. I. Hahn, M. Holl, J. Kahlbow, D. Kim, D. Körper, T. Koiwai, Y. Kondo, P. Koseoglou, J. Lee, C. Lehr, B. D. Linh, T. Lokotko, M. Maccormick, K. Miki, K. Moschner, T. Nakamura, S. Y. Park, D. Rossi, E. Sahin, F. Schindler, H. Simon, P. A. Söderström, D. Sohler, S. Takeuchi, H. Törnqvist, J. Tscheuschner, V. Vaquero, V. Wagner, S. Wang, V. Werner, X. Xu, H. Yamada, D. Yan, Z. Yang, M. Yasuda, L. Zanetti

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Direct proton-knockout reactions of Sc55 at ∼220 MeV/nucleon were studied at the RIKEN Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory. Populated states of Ca54 were investigated through γ-ray and invariant-mass spectroscopy. Level energies were calculated from the nuclear shell model employing a phenomenological internucleon interaction. Theoretical cross sections to states were calculated from distorted-wave impulse approximation estimates multiplied by the shell model spectroscopic factors, which describe the wave function overlap of the Sc55 ground state with states in Ca54. Despite the calculations showing a significant amplitude of excited neutron configurations in the ground-state of Sc55, valence proton removals populated predominantly the ground state of Ca54. This counterintuitive result is attributed to pairing effects leading to a dominance of the ground-state spectroscopic factor. Owing to the ubiquity of the pairing interaction, this argument should be generally applicable to direct knockout reactions from odd-even to even-even nuclei.

Original languageEnglish
Article number252501
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number25
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Jun 25

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