Oxygen Effect on Mechanical Properties

K. Sumino, I. Yonenaga

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The chapter presents a discussion on the effects of oxygen on mechanical properties. This chapter presents reviews of both the macroscopic and microscopic aspects of oxygen effects on the mechanical behavior of silicon (Si). Effects of other light element impurities, such as nitrogen and carbon, are also mentioned. The chapter presents discussion on some basic aspect of plastic deformation of a crystal and also presents a brief description on the nature of dislocations in Si. The influence of oxygen atoms that dispersed within a Si crystal on the dislocation motion is discussed. Segregation of oxygen on dislocations and the resulting effect on the dynamic activity of dislocations are also discussed. The chapter also discusses dislocation generation in Si as affected by oxygen. The effect of oxygen on macroscopic mechanical properties of Si is described. A description of the macroscopically observed mechanical behavior of Si crystals in terms of dislocation processes is also presented. Softening of Si caused by oxygen precipitation is described and the effects of nitrogen and carbon on the mechanical strength of Si are also discussed.

Original languageEnglish
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Number of pages63
JournalSemiconductors and Semimetals
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Publication statusPublished - 1994 Jan
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