Optical and scintillation property of Ce, Ho and Eu-doped PbF2

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PbF2 crystal has favorable properties such as a high density and short radiation length, while the scintillation light output is too small to obtain a photo-absorption peak under gamma ray excitation. In this paper, we report scintillation response for 0.1 or 0.5-mol% Ce, Eu and Ho doped PbF 2 crystals grown by an annealing method under 5.5-MeV alpha ray excitation. Although Ce doped PbF2 crystals did not show intense photo- and radio-luminescence, Eu and Ho doped ones showed several peaks excited under UV and 5.5-MeV alpha ray excitation, respectively. Additionally, full-absorption peaks in the pulse height spectra of 0.1-mol% Eu and Ho doped PbF2 were ascribed to 5.5-MeV alpha-rays.

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JournalRadiation Measurements
Publication statusPublished - 2013 Aug


  • High density materials
  • PbF
  • Radiation response
  • Scintillator

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