Observation of a p -wave one-neutron halo configuration in Mg 37

N. Kobayashi, T. Nakamura, Y. Kondo, J. A. Tostevin, Y. Utsuno, N. Aoi, H. Baba, R. Barthelemy, M. A. Famiano, N. Fukuda, N. Inabe, M. Ishihara, R. Kanungo, S. Kim, T. Kubo, G. S. Lee, H. S. Lee, M. Matsushita, T. Motobayashi, T. OhnishiN. A. Orr, H. Otsu, T. Otsuka, T. Sako, H. Sakurai, Y. Satou, T. Sumikama, H. Takeda, S. Takeuchi, R. Tanaka, Y. Togano, K. Yoneda

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Cross sections of 1n-removal reactions from the neutron-rich nucleus Mg37 on C and Pb targets and the parallel momentum distributions of the Mg37 residues from the C target have been measured at 240MeV/nucleon. A combined analysis of these distinct nuclear- and Coulomb-dominated reaction data shows that the Mg37 ground state has a small 1n separation energy of 0.22-0.09+0.12MeV and an appreciable p-wave neutron single-particle strength. These results confirm that Mg37 lies near the edge of the "island of inversion" and has a sizable p-wave neutron halo component, the heaviest such system identified to date.

Original languageEnglish
Article number242501
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number24
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Jun 18

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