Non-optically probing near-field microscopy with illumination of total internal reflection

H. Kitano, M. Murakami, Y. Kawata, C. Egami, O. Sugihara, N. Okamoto, M. Tsuchimori, O. Watanabe

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We have developed a non-optically probing near-field microscope with illumination of total internal reflection. Because the illumination light does not pass through the specimens, it is possible to observe thick specimens or highly absorptive materials. It reduces the background noise because the decay length of the evanescent wave is a few hundred nanometres. We found that although in the total internal reflection illumination system the light passed through the photosensitive film and illuminated the specimen, it did not affect the photosensitive film severely and did not limit the resolution. The imaging properties of reflection illumination and transmission illumination are analysed using a finite-differential time domain method.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)162-171
Number of pages10
JournalJournal of Microscopy
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2001 May 5


  • Near-field scanning optical microscope (NSOM)
  • Non-optically probing near-field microscope (NONFM)

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  • Pathology and Forensic Medicine
  • Histology


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