New trend in next generation biomimetics: Toward paradigm shift for innovation

Masatsugu Shimomura

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    The next generation biomimetic materials have been developed by the interdisciplinary collaboration of biology and material nanotechnology. Hierarchic surface structures from nano- to micro-meter scale formed in biological organisms, insects and plants, possess unique functions, e.g. hydrophobic, anti-reflection, adhesion, and controlled tribology. Learning from the biological surfaces has provided novel functional materials whose mechanisms of the functional expression are completely different from those of the manmade products. In order to build new system of biomimetic engineering, it is strongly required to construct the biomimetic database as the platform of open innovation, which is indispensable for the development of novel materials design and ecological production processes based on biological diversity. Paradigm shift for innovation is potentially inherent in the new trend of biomimetics.

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    Publication statusPublished - 2011 May 1


    • Biological diversity
    • Biology
    • Biomimetic engineering
    • Biomimetics
    • Hierarchic structure
    • Insect
    • Nanotechnology
    • Plant

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