Nanofishing of single polymer chains II

Hirovuki Watabe, Ken Nakajima, Toshio Nishi

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    Nanofishing is an excellent method to obtain quasi-static property of single polymer chains using atomic force microscope (AFM). We reported that temperature-dependence of second virial coefficient which was obtained by nanofishing showed a good agreement with that obtained by light scattering method in the previous study about polystyrene. In this study, a method we named "nanorheology AFM", which applies sinusoidal perturbation during stretching process of a single polymer chain (nanorheology), were performed. Solvent effects on the dynamic properties of single polystyrene chains will be reported.

    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages2
    Publication statusPublished - 2005 Dec 1
    Event54th SPSJ Symposium on Macromolecules - Yamagata, Japan
    Duration: 2005 Sep 202005 Sep 22


    Other54th SPSJ Symposium on Macromolecules


    • Atomic Force MIcroscopy
    • Dynamic
    • Nanofishing
    • Polystyrene
    • Single Polymer Chain

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