Na-bearing majoritic garnet in the Na2MgSi5O12-Mg3Al2Si3O12 join at 11-20GPa: Phase relations, structural peculiarities and solid solutions

Anna M. Dymshits, Andrey V. Bobrov, Luca Bindi, Yuriy A. Litvin, Konstantin D. Litasov, Anton F. Shatskiy, Eiji Ohtani

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Na-majorite Na2MgSi5O12 (NaMaj), an end-member of sodium-rich majoritic garnet, was synthesized and garnet/pyroxene transition was studied in Kawai-type multi-anvil experiments at 11-20GPa and 1500-2300°C. Na-majorite was obtained at 16GPa and 1500°C; its stability spreads to the high-temperature region with pressure (1900°C at 17GPa and 2100°C at 19.5GPa). Experimental study of the Mg3Al2Si3O12 (Prp)-Na2MgSi5O12 join at 11-20GPa demonstrated the following phase assemblages changing with pressure: garnet+two pyroxenes (enstatite-rich and Na-pyroxene); garnet+pyroxene (enstatite-jadeite-Na-pyroxene)+stishovite; garnet+stishovite; garnet+NaAlSiO4 with calcium ferrite-type structure+stishovite. For a given bulk composition (Prp50NaMaj50), a regular increase of both Na and Si concentrations and consequently, NaMaj mole portion in garnets was observed. From 8.5 to 20GPa, the concentration of Na2O increased from 1.52 to 5.71wt.%, which correspond to a NaMaj content of ∼40mol.%. The highest Na2O content (12.24wt.%) was registered at 18.5GPa and 1600°C for the Prp20NaMaj80 starting composition. Experiments at 18.5GPa and 1600°C on the pyrope-Na-majorite join allowed us to study mixing peculiarities for sodium-rich majoritic garnet. The transition from cubic (Ia3d) to tetragonal (I41/acd) symmetry was observed for the composition with ∼80mol.% Na2MgSi5O12, which is consistent with the similar change of the structure in the pyrope-majorite (Mg4Si4O12) system. Significant Na-majorite solubility in pyrope, as well as findings of natural garnets with high Na concentrations (>1wt.% Na2O) allow us to consider Na-bearing majoritic garnet as an important concentrator of sodium in the deep upper mantle and transition zone.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-13
Number of pages13
JournalGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Publication statusPublished - 2013 Mar 5
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