Multi-filling approach for the improvement of thermoelectric properties of skutterudites

L. D. Chen, X. F. Tang, T. Kawahara, J. S. Dyck, W. Chen, C. Uher, T. Goto, T. Hirai

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Several skutterudite antimonides filled with atoms of different kinds, (Ba,M)yCo4Sb12 (M=Ce, La, Sr), have been synthesized by the combination of solid state reaction and melting methods. Thermal conductivity of (Ba,Sr)yCo4Sb12 samples shows a behavior similar to that of BayCo4Sb12. Adding a small amount of Ce or La to the BayCo4Sb12 system is effective in further reducing the lattice thermal conductivity. The difference in the ionic radii of the two co-filler atoms is the most sensitive factor for scattering of phonons. The multi-filled (Ba,M)yCo4Sb12 (M=Sr, Ce, La) show lower Seebeck coefficients as compared to the single-filled BayCo4Sb12 having the same total filling fraction. It is expected that higher thermoelectric performance could be realized by further optimization of the composition of filler species.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 2001 Dec 1
Event20th International Conference on Thermoelectrics ICT'01 - Beijing, China
Duration: 2001 Jun 82001 Jun 11


Other20th International Conference on Thermoelectrics ICT'01

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