K. Kusukawa, M. Moniwa, E. Murakami, M. Miyao, T. Warabisako, Y. Wada

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    Electrical characterisitics of Si layers on SiO//2 obtained by seeded-lateral solid phase epitaxy were evaluated as a function of distance from the seeding area. According to the two growth modes in lateral epitaxy, it was found that there are significant difference in the electrical characteristics of MOSFETs fabricated in those regions. A field effect (electron) mobility of about 700cm**2/Vs was obtained for n-channel MOSFETs fabricated in the left brace 110 right brace -facet grown region. However, the electrical properties of MOSFETs fabricated in the left brace 111 right brace -facet growth region were not as good. The results suggest that the left brace 110 right brace -facet growth region is suitable for devices with a feature size of less than 2 mu m.

    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationConference on Solid State Devices and Materials
    PublisherJapan Soc of Applied Physics
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    ISBN (Print)4930813212, 9784930813213
    Publication statusPublished - 1987

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