Molecular analyses of Toxoplasma gondii calmodulin-like domain protein kinase isoform 3

Tatsuki Sugi, Kentaro Kato, Kyousuke Kobayashi, Kishor Pandey, Hitoshi Takemae, Hitomi Kurokawa, Yukinobu Tohya, Hiroomi Akashi

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Ca2+ signaling is thought to play an important role in Toxoplasma gondii motility, including invasion of and egress from host cells. Recently, it has been reported that phosphorylation of the glideosome apparatus components of T. gondii occurs during invasion. To elucidate the role of T. gondii calmodulin-like domain protein kinase in the signaling pathway that bridges Ca2+ stimulation and motility, we characterized T. gondii calmodulin-like domain protein kinase isoform 3 (TgCDPKif3). TgCDPKif3 is homologous to Plasmodium falciparum calcium-dependent protein kinase 1, which has been reported to phosphorylate P. falciparum glideosome components. TgCDPKif3 was purified as a fusion protein that was labeled with [γ-32P]ATP, and the label was subsequently removed by phosphatase treatment. Phosphorylation was eliminated when the putative catalytic lysine residue of TgCDPKif3 was replaced with alanine. TgCDPKif3 phosphorylated Histone IIAS as a representative substrate in a Ca2+-dependent manner at a high Ca2+ concentration. TgCDPKif3 was localized to the apical ends of tachyzoites. TgCDPKif3 showed the translocation between intra- and extracellular tachyzoites. TgCDPKif3 could phosphorylate T. gondii aldolase 1 (TgALD1) in vitro. The interaction between TgCDPKif3 and TgALD1 was confirmed by the co-immunoprecipitation assay in mammal cells. We suggested that TgCDPKif3 could participate in the motility of T. gondii through the phosphorylation of glideosome complex member.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)416-423
Number of pages8
JournalParasitology International
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2009 Dec
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  • Aldolase
  • Calmodulin-like domain protein kinase
  • Invasion
  • Phosphorylation
  • T. gondii calmodulin-like domain protein kinase isoform 3
  • Toxoplasma gondii

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