Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of batioa films on mgo(loo)

Hidenobu Nakazawa, Hisanori Yamane, Toshio Hirai

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    BaTi03 thin films were prepared on MgO(lOO) substrates by chemical vapor deposition using barium /Tdiketonate [Ba(C11H1902)2] and titanium tetraisopropoxide TiOCH(CH3)4 as metalorganic precursors. BaTi03 films deposited at 800-1000°C showed prominent tf-axis orientation perpendicular to the substrate surface. The deposition rate of these films was 1.0-1.2 fim/h. The rocking curve of BaTiO3(200) reflection from the film deposited at 800°C indicated strong crystallographic orientation. The epitaxial relationship between the film and the substrate was found by X-ray pole figure analysis. The relative dielectric constant of a polycrystalline BaTi03 film prepared on a Pt(100) /MgO(lOO) substrate at 800°C was 1040 (10 kHz, 20 V/cm).

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)2200-2203
    Number of pages4
    JournalJapanese journal of applied physics
    Issue number9S
    Publication statusPublished - 1991 Sep


    • A-axis orientation
    • BaTi03
    • CVD
    • Dielectric con stant
    • Diketone chelate
    • Epitaxial growth
    • Thin film

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