Metal injection moulding of high Nb-containing TiAl alloy and its oxidation behaviour at 900C

Chengcheng Liu, Xin Lu, Fei Yang, Wei Xu, Zhe Wang, Xuanhui Qu

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High Nb-containing TiAl alloy with a nominal composition of Ti-45Al-8.5Nb-0.2W-0.2B-0.02Y (at %) was fabricated by metal injection moulding (MIM) technology with an improved wax-based binder. The critical powder loading and feedstock rheological behaviour were determined. The influence of sintering temperature on microstructures and mechanical properties of the sintered samples and their oxidation behaviour were also investigated. Results showed that a feedstock, with a powder loading of 68 vol % and good flowability, could be obtained by using the improved binder, and oxygen pick-up was lower than that of the sample prepared by using a traditional binder. The ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and plastic elongation of the sample sintered at 1480C for 2 h were 412 MPa and 0.33%, at room temperature, respectively. The 1480C-sintered sample consisted of γ/α2 lamellar microstructure with the average colony size of about 70 µm, and its porosity was about 4%. The sintered alloy showed better oxidation resistance than that of the cast alloy counterpart.

Original languageEnglish
Article number163
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Mar 7
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  • High Nb-containing TiAl alloy
  • Metal injection moulding
  • Oxidation
  • Powder metallurgy

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