Mechanical properties of Pd-Cu-Si bulk metallic glass

Ke Fu Yao, Yi Qiang Yang, Na Chen

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    In present work, Pd77.5Cu6Si16.5 bulk metallic glass balls with diameter up to 6 mm have been prepared by fluxing and water quenching method. It has been found that the Pd-Cu-Si glassy alloy exhibits a compressive plastic strain of about 11.4%, together with strain hardening characteristics. A large localized shear band, accompanied by a shear step of about 220 μm in size, has been clearly observed on the deformed specimen. The related shear plane is estimated to have an angle of 42 degrees with respect to the loading axis. The good ductility of the glassy alloy is believed to be partially attributed to strain hardening and the higher resistance of the glassy alloy to crack nucleation and propagation due to its large Poisson's ratio.

    Original languageEnglish
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    Publication statusPublished - 2007 May


    • A. Glasses, metallic
    • B. Brittleness and ductility
    • B. Mechanical properties at ambient temperature
    • B. Work hardening

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