Measurement for thermal effusivity of AlxGa1-xN alloys using thermoreflectance with periodic heating

Hiroyuki Shibata, Hiromichi Ohta, Takashi Nemoto, Shun Nagayama, Yoshio Waseda, Katsushi Fujii, K. Thomas Jacob

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    AlxGa1-xN alloys with x=0.375, 0.398, 0.401, 0.592 and 0.696 were deposited on sapphire substrate by the hydride-vapor-phase epitaxy (HVPE) method. Thermal effusivity measurements were carried out on AlxGa1-xN alloys using a thermal microscope at room temperature. The lag between a sinusoidal heating laser wave and thermoreflectance wave was used to measure the thermal diffusivity. Thermal conductivity values of the AlxGa1-xN alloys were also obtained as a function of AlN mole fraction in the alloy. The thermal conductivity was found to decrease with increasing AlN fraction and the experimental data agree with values estimated using the virtual crystal model.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)515-522
    Number of pages8
    JournalHigh Temperature Materials and Processes
    Issue number5-6
    Publication statusPublished - 2010


    • AlGaN alloys
    • Thermal conductivity
    • Thermal effusivity
    • Thermal microscope

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    • Materials Science(all)
    • Condensed Matter Physics
    • Mechanics of Materials
    • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

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