Magnetic Search Coil (MSC) of Plasma Wave Experiment (PWE) aboard the Arase (ERG) satellite

Mitsunori Ozaki, Satoshi Yagitani, Yoshiya Kasahara, Hirotsugu Kojima, Yasumasa Kasaba, Atsushi Kumamoto, Fuminori Tsuchiya, Shoya Matsuda, Ayako Matsuoka, Takashi Sasaki, Takahiro Yumoto

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This paper presents detailed performance values of the Magnetic Search Coil (MSC) that is part of the Plasma Wave Experiment on board the Arase (ERG) satellite. The MSC consists of a three-axis search coil magnetometer with a 200-mm-long magnetic core. The MSC plays a central role in the magnetic field observations, particularly for whistler mode chorus and hiss waves in a few kHz frequency range, which may cause local acceleration and/or rapid loss of radiation belt electrons. Accordingly, the MSC was carefully designed and developed to operate well in harsh radiation environments. To ascertain the wave-normal vectors, polarizations, and refractive indices of the plasma waves in a wide frequency band, the output signals detected by the MSC are fed into the two different wave receivers: one is the WaveForm Capture/Onboard Frequency Analyzer for waveform and spectrum observations in the frequency range from a few Hz up to 20 kHz, and the other is the High Frequency Analyzer for spectrum observations in the frequency range from 10 to 100 kHz. The noise equivalent magnetic induction of the MSC is 20fT/Hz1/2 at a frequency of 2 kHz, and the null depth of directionality is − 40 dB, which is equivalent to an angular error less than 1 . The MSC on board the Arase satellite is the first experiment using a current-sensitive preamplifier for probing the plasma waves in the radiation belts.[Figure not available: see fulltext.].

Original languageEnglish
Article number76
Journalearth, planets and space
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Dec 1


  • Arase (ERG) satellite
  • Geospace
  • Plasma waves
  • Radiation belts
  • Search coil magnetometer

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