Magnetic and structural properties of L11 type CoPt-C ordered alloy perpendicular films as a function of C content

T. Shimatsu, H. Sato, H. Kataoka, S. Okamoto, O. Kitakami, H. Aoi

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Magnetic and structural properties of L11 type (Co 0.5Pt0.5)100-X-CX ordered alloy perpendicular films, fabricated on 2.5 inch size glass disks by sputter deposition, were examined as a function of C content, X. L11 type Co0.5Pt0.5-C polycrystalline films (10 nm thickness), with <111> axis (the easy axis) perpendicular to the film plane, were successfully fabricated even for a 30 vol% C content. Structural analysis indicated the segregation of C to the grain boundaries. Uniaxial magnetic anisotropy, Ku, of Co0.5Pt0.5 films without C addition was relatively low, about 1.5x107 erg/cm3 under the present deposition conditions. However, the addition of 5 vol.% C to Co-Pt films enhanced the ordering, resulting in an increase in Ku to around 2.5 x107 erg/cm3. A further increase in C content reduced Ku; however, Ku maintained a relatively large value of about 1.8x107 erg/cm3 even for a 20vol% C content, without degrading the easy axis orientation perpendicular to the film plane. Experimental results demonstrated the potential of the L11 type Co0.5Pt0.5-C films for use in granular media applications, due to their very high Ku, the relatively low fabrication temperature, and good controllability of the grain orientation.

Original languageEnglish
Article number102008
JournalJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Issue numberSECTION 10
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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