Lower back pain as a symptom of migrainous corpalgia.

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The symptoms and prevalence of migraine headaches are widely recognized; however, less is known about migraine-related spontaneous body pain, or migrainous corpalgia. Only a few reports have described it. The case of a 13-year-old boy with onset of migrainous corpalgia at the age of 12 years is presented. He suffered from pulsatile headaches and bilateral lower back pain, which would appear either with the headache or as an isolated symptom. Various medical examinations showed no abnormalities. He was diagnosed as having migraine without aura and successfully treated with valproic acid. It is unique for this patient to have lower back pain as a symptom of migrainous corpalgia. It would be important for physicians to understand the variety of pain symptoms in migraine patients, as shown here, for better and comprehensive understanding of migraine and its related condition.

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