Low-frequency noise reduction in vertical MOSFETs having tunable threshold voltage fabricated with 60nm CMOS technology on 300mm wafer process

Takuya Imamoto, Yitao Ma, Masakazu Muraguchi, Tetsuo Endoh

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In this paper, DC and low-frequency noise (LFN) characteristics have been investigated with actual measurement data in both n- and p-type vertical MOSFETs (V-MOSFETs) for the first time. The V-MOSFETs which was fabricated on 300mm bulk silicon wafer process have realized excellent DC performance and a significant reduction of flicker (1/f ) noise. The measurement results show that the fabricated V-MOSFETs with 60nm silicon pillar and 100nm gate length achieve excellent steep sub-threshold swing (69mV/decade for n-type and 66mV/decade for p-type), good on-current (281 μA/μm for n-type 149 μA/μm for p-type), low off-leakage current (28.1 pA/μm for n-type and 79.6 pA/μm for p-type), and excellent on-off ratio (1 × 107 for n-type and 2 × 106 for p-type). In addition, it is demonstrated that our fabricated V-MOSFETs can control the threshold voltage (Vth) by changing the channel doping condition, which is the useful and low-cost technique as it has been widely used in the conventional bulk planar MOSFET. This result indicates that V-MOSFETs can control Vth more finely and flexibly by the combined the use of the doping technique with other techniques such as work function engineering of metal-gate. Moreover, it is also shown that V-MOSFETs can suppress 1/f noise (LgateWSId=I2d of 10-13-10-11μm2/Hz for n-type and 10-12-10-10μm2/Hz for p-type) to one or two order lower level than previously reported nanowire type MOSFET, FinFET, Tri-Gate, and planar MOSFETs. The results have also proved that both DC and 1/f noise performances are independent from the bias voltage which is applied to substrate or well layer. Therefore, it is verified that V-MOSFETs can eliminate the effects from substrate or well layer, which always adversely affects the circuit performances due to this serial connection.

Original languageEnglish
Article number04DC11
JournalJapanese journal of applied physics
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2015 Apr 1

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