Low cytotoxic gene delivery system by a polysaccharide-poly(dA) tailed DNA complex

Kazuo Sakurai, Takahisa Anada, Ryouji Karinaga, Emi Hamada, Kazuya Koumoto, Masami Mizu, Seiji Shinkai

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A natural polysaccharide schizophyllan (SPG) has been known to form a stable complex with poly(dA). We attached a poly(dA)80 tail to the both ends of a linear double-stranded DNA, which had been prepared from a plasmid DNA vector. The poly(dA) tailed DNA verified to form complex with SPG by gel electrophoresis and atomic force microscopy (AFM). AFM images indicated that the complexes exhibit a dumbbell-like architecture that is quite similar to that of adenovirus genome. The complex demonstrated excellent exonuclease resistance, probably because of the protection effect by SPG complexation. We have evaluated the performance for SPG/poly(dA) tailed DNA and other related complexes.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2005 Dec 1
Event54th SPSJ Annual Meeting 2005 - Yokohama, Japan
Duration: 2005 May 252005 May 27


Other54th SPSJ Annual Meeting 2005


  • DNA complex
  • Gene delivery
  • Polysaccharide
  • Schizopyllan

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