Latest results from NA60

P. Cortese, R. Arnaldi, K. Banicz, J. Castor, B. Chaurand, C. Cicalo, A. Colla, P. Cortese, S. Damjanovic, A. David, A. De Falco, A. Devaux, L. Ducroux, H. Eniyo, J. Fargeix, A. Ferretti, M. Floris, A. Förster, P. Force, N. GuettetA. Guichard, H. Gulkanian, J. M. Heuser, M. Keil, L. Kluberg, C. Lourengo, J. Lozano, F. Manso, P. Martins, A. Masoni, A. Neves, H. Ohnishi, C. Oppedisano, P. Parracho, P. Pillot, T. Poghosyan, G. Puddu, E. Radermacher, P. Ramalhete, P. Rosinsky, E. Scomparin, J. Seixas, S. Serci, R. Shahoyan, P. Sonderegger, J. Specht, R. Tieulent, G. Usai, R. Veenhof, H. K. Wöhri

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NA60 is a fixed target experiment at the CERN SPS studying dimuon production in different colliding systems: In-In at 158 A·GeV incident energy and p-A collisions at 158 and 400 GeV. A strong excess of dimuon pairs has been observed in the region of the invariant mass spectrum below the J/ψ. The high resolution of the NA60 detector allowed to measure the in-medium modifications of the ρ spectral function and to clarify the origin of the dimuon excess in the region above the φ. The J/ψ suppression has been studied in In-In and p-A collisions at 158 GeV incident energy. The latest results on these topics are addressed in this paper.

Original languageEnglish
Article number032007
JournalJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2008 Jun 30
Externally publishedYes
EventEPS High Energy Particle Physics Conference, HEPP 2007 - Manchester, United Kingdom
Duration: 2007 Jul 192007 Jul 26

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