Large non-gaussianity from multi-brid inflation

Atsushi Naruko, Misao Sasaki

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A model of multi-component hybrid inflation, dubbed multi-brid inflation, in which various observable quantities including the non-Gaussianity parameter fNL can be analytically calculated was proposed recently. In particular, for a two-brid inflation model with an exponential potential and the condition that the end of inflation is an ellipse in the field space, it was found that, while keeping the other observational quantities within the range consistent with observations, large non-Gaussianity is possible for certain inflationary trajectories, provided that the ratio of the two masses is large. One might question whether the resulting large non-Gaussianity is specific to this particular form of the potential and the condition for the end of inflation. In this paper, we consider a model of multi-brid inflation with a potential given by an exponential function of terms quadratic in the scalar field components. We also consider a more general class of ellipses for the end of inflation than those studied previously. Then, focusing on the case of two-brid inflation, we find that large non-Gaussianity is possible in the present model even for the equal-mass case. Then by tuning the model parameters, we find that there exist models for which both the non-Gaussianity and the tensor-to-scalar ratio are large enough to be detected in the very near future.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)193-210
Number of pages18
JournalProgress of Theoretical Physics
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2009 Jan

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