Investigation of vortex behavior in the organic superconductor κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu(SCN)2using muon spin rotation

S. L. Lee, F. L. Pratt, S. J. Blundell, C. M. Aegerter, P. A. Pattenden, K. H. Chow, E. M. Forgan, T. Sasaki, W. Hayes, H. Keller

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Muon spin rotation (μSR) measurements have been performed on the organic superconductor κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu(SCN)2in order to investigate its exotic vortex behavior. Previously unobserved features of the μSR line shapes have been measured at low fields and temperatures. In the mixed state the existence of a lattice composed of linear vortices is demonstrated at low fields. The breakup of this well-ordered lattice has furthermore been observed as a function of both field and temperature.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1563-1566
Number of pages4
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 1997 Jan 1

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