Investigation of thermal energy transport interface of hybrid graphene-carbon nanotube/polyethylene nanocomposites

Feng Liu, Xuyang Liu, Ning Hu, Huiming Ning, Satoshi Atobe, Cheng Yan, Fuhao Mo, Shaoyun Fu, Jianyu Zhang, Yu Wang, Xiaojing Mu

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It is well known the thermal properties of three-dimensional (3-D) hybrid graphene (GR)-carbon nanotube (CNT) structures are not superior to that of the individual GR and CNT, however, the 3-D hybrid GR-CNT structures can effectively improve the thermal properties of polymer matrix. Therefore, understanding the thermal energy transport in the interface between polymer matrix and 3-D hybrid GR-CNT structure is essential. Here, the enhancement mechanism of interfacial thermal transport of hybrid GR-CNT structure was explored by applying non-equilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) simulations. Three different types of hybrid GR-CNT structures were built. The influences of CNT radius and CNT type for the hybrid GR-CNT on the interfacial thermal properties were also analyzed. Computational results show that among the three different types of hybrid GR-CNT structures, the Model-I, i.e., the covalent bond hybrid GR-CNT structures are of the best interfacial thermal properties. Meanwhile, the CNT radius of hybrid GR-CNT structure has a great influence on the interfacial thermal properties.

Original languageEnglish
Article number14700
JournalScientific reports
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Dec 1

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