Invertebrate assemblages on biscogniauxia sporocarps on oak dead wood: An observation aided by squirrels

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    Dead wood is an important habitat for both fungi and insects, two enormously diverse groups that contribute to forest biodiversity. Unlike the myriad of studies on fungus–insect relationships, insect communities on ascomycete sporocarps are less explored, particularly for those in hidden habitats such as underneath bark. Here, I present my observations of insect community dynamics on Biscogniauxia spp. on oak dead wood from the early anamorphic stage to matured teleomorph stage, aided by the debarking behaviour of squirrels probably targeting on these fungi. In total, 38 insect taxa were observed on Biscogniauxia spp. from March to November. The community composition was significantly correlated with the presence/absence of Biscogniauxia spp. Additionally, Librodor (Glischrochilus) ipsoides, Laemophloeus submonilis, and Neuroctenus castaneus were frequently recorded and closely associated with Biscogniauxia spp. along its change from anamorph to teleomorph. L. submonilis was positively associated with both the anamorph and teleomorph stages. L. ipsoides and N. castaneus were positively associated with only the teleomorph but not with the anamorph stage. N. castaneus reproduced and was found on Biscogniauxia spp. from June to November. These results suggest that sporocarps of Biscogniauxia spp. are important to these insect taxa, depending on their developmental stage.

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    Publication statusPublished - 2021 Aug


    • Fungivory
    • Insect–fungus association
    • Quercus serrata
    • Sciurus lis
    • Xylariaceous ascomycetes

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