Influence of temperature-dependent refractive index on thermal radiation from surface gratings

Hiroo Yugami, Takahiro Kamikawa, Yoshiaki Kanamori

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We set up a high-temperature ellipsometry system for the measurement of optical constants n and k. The n and k values of refractory metals of W and Mo were measured from the visible (VIS) to near infrared (NIR) wavelength range at several temperatures by means of the system. The n drastically increases especially in the NIR region, while the k is almost invariant in all the range with increasing temperatures. Numerical simulation based on rigorous coupled-wave analysis (RCWA) with the values of n and k measured by high-temperature ellipsometry is qualitatively coincident with the measured spectral emissivity at high temperature. It has revealed that spectral emissivity has temperature dependence especially in the NIR region.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPhotonics for Solar Energy Systems
Publication statusPublished - 2006 Aug 29
EventPhotonics for Solar Energy Systems - Strasbourg, France
Duration: 2006 Apr 52006 Apr 6


OtherPhotonics for Solar Energy Systems


  • Complex refractive index
  • Ellipsometry
  • High temperature
  • RCWA
  • Surface grating

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