Important photosynthetic contribution from the non-foliar green organs in cotton at the late growth stage

Yuan Yuan Hu, Ya Li Zhang, Hong Hai Luo, Wei Li, Riichi Oguchi, Da Yong Fan, Wah Soon Chow, Wang Feng Zhang

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    Non-foliar green organs are recognized as important carbon sources after leaves. However, the contribution of each organ to total yield has not been comprehensively studied in relation to the time-course of changes in surface area and photosynthetic activity of different organs at different growth stages. We studied the contribution of leaves, main stem, bracts and capsule wall in cotton by measuring their time-course of surface area development, O 2 evolution capacity and photosynthetic enzyme activity. Because of the early senescence of leaves, non-foliar organs increased their surface area up to 38.2% of total at late growth stage. Bracts and capsule wall showed less ontogenetic decrease in O 2 evolution capacity per area and photosynthetic enzyme activity than leaves at the late growth stage. The total capacity for O 2 evolution of stalks and bolls (bracts plus capsule wall) was 12.7 and 23.7% (total ca. 36.4%), respectively, as estimated by multiplying their surface area by their O 2 evolution capacity per area. We also kept the bolls (from 15 days after anthesis) or main stem (at the early full bolling stage) in darkness for comparison with non-darkened controls. Darkening the bolls and main stem reduced the boll weight by 24.1 and 9%, respectively, and the seed weight by 35.9 and 16.3%, respectively. We conclude that non-foliar organs significantly contribute to the yield at the late growth stage.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)325-336
    Number of pages12
    Issue number2
    Publication statusPublished - 2012 Feb


    • Different growth stages
    • O evolution
    • Photosynthetic enzymes
    • Reproductive biomass
    • Surface area

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