How to recover minor rare metals from e-scrap

Takashi Nakamura

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Dismantling and detachment of parts from e-scrap are essential and involve higher cost techniques in pretreatment processes for physical separation. New techniques are desired for effective recycling of minor rare metals, therefore, we are trying to develop new detachment processes such as a new break down process. The principal of this new process is an electrical disintegration by electric pulse. E-scrap is broken down by high voltage electric pulses in water. IC chips and LSI can be detached from printed circuit boards under proper conditions. Ta- capacitors are also broken down to plastic parts and Ta sinter with lead wire. This is very useful in terms of pretreatment for e-scrap recycling. Also in the case of metallurgical production, with its intrinsic potential of smelting, extraction, enrichment and separation methods, play an important role in the context of minor rare metals.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEnergy Technology 2015
Subtitle of host publicationCarbon Dioxide Management and Other Technologies - held during TMS 2015 - 144th Annual Meeting and Exhibition
EditorsAnimesh Jha, Neale R. Neelameggham, Cong Wang, Shafiq Alam, Shafiq Alam, Neale R. Neelameggham, Harald Oosterhof, Donna Post Guillen, Animesh Jha, Li Li, David Dreisinger, Cynthia K. Belt, Randolph Kirchain, Shijie Wang, Jeffrey S. Spangenberger, Frank Johnson, Andrew J. Gomes, Amit Pandey, Amit Pandey, Peter Hosemann
PublisherMinerals, Metals and Materials Society
Number of pages8
ISBN (Electronic)9781119078302, 9781119082408
Publication statusPublished - 2015 Jan 1
Event2nd Rare Metal Technology 2015, held during 144th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, TMS 2015 - Orlando, United States
Duration: 2015 Mar 152015 Mar 19

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Other2nd Rare Metal Technology 2015, held during 144th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, TMS 2015
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  • Critical Metals
  • Recycling
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Urban Mining

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