Hole-doping-induced changes in the electronic structure of La 1-xSr x-FeO 3: Soft x-ray photoemission and absorption study of epitaxial thin films

H. Wadati, D. Kobayashi, H. Kumigashira, K. Okazaki, T. Mizokawa, A. Fujimori, K. Horiba, M. Oshima, N. Hamada, M. Lippmaa, M. Kawasaki, H. Koinuma

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We have studied the electronic structure of epitaxially grown thin films of La 1-xSr xFeO 3 by in situ photoemission spectroscopy (PES) and x-ray-absorption spectroscopy (XAS) measurements. The Fe 2p and valence-band PES spectra and the O 1s XAS spectra of LaFeO 3 have been successfully reproduced by configuration-interaction cluster-model calculation and, except for the satellite structure, by band-structure calculation. From the shift of the binding energies of core levels, the chemical potential was found to be shifted downward as x was increased. Among the three peaks in the valence-band spectra of La 1-xSr xFeO 3, the peak nearest to the Fermi level (E F), due to the "e g band," was found to move toward E F and became weaker as x was increased, whereas the intensity of the peak just above E F in the O 1s XAS spectra increased with x. The gap at E F was seen for all values of x. These results indicate that changes in the spectral line shape around E F are dominated by spectral weight transfer from below to above EF across the gap and are therefore highly nonrigid-bandlike changes.

Original languageEnglish
Article number035108
JournalPhysical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2005 Jan
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